Johnnie Walker Commercial: Keep Walking, Brazil

Johnnie Walker Commercial: Keep Walking, Brazil

Johnnie Walker and advertising agency from Brazil NEOGAMA/BBH have made this awesome commercial from the “Keep Walking” campaign.

The video takes place at the beautiful Brazilian coast. Suddenly, all citizens are distracted by a strangest thing: the mountain starts to move. A rocky giant comes out of it! He raises and now there is no one to stop him. Keep walking, Brazil!

“Keep Walking” is the brand’s global campaign launched in 1999. Since than, the walking icon is known all around the world.

Watch the video and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and visualization.


Advertising Agency: NEOGAMA/BBH, Brazil
Creation: Alexandre Gama
RTVC: Maxie Fox, Fernanda Crespo, Tico Cruz, Marcos Camurati
Production house: Gorgeous & Zohar Cinema
Director: Peter Thwaites
Producers: Isabelle Tanugi, Anna Hashmi
Photography: Joost van Gelder
Editing: Bill Smedley / Work Post Production
VFX: Angus Kneale, Robert Petrie, Gavin James Wellsman, Camila de Biaggi / The Mill
Sound Production: Big Foote Brazil
Planning: Eduardo Lorenzi, Luciano Eugenio, Emanuel Spyer
Media: Luciana Schwartz, Gabriela Azevedo, João Paulo Ferraz
Account Management: Silvia Tommasini, Oleg Loretto, Guilherme Fracaro
Approval: Tânia César, Leandro Medeiros, Gustavo Hila
Brazilian Adaptation: Full Frame

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