John Smith’s Commercial: Diner

John Smith’s Commercial: Diner

John Smith’s is a well known ale brand in Britain. In 2002 they had launched a famous ad campaign called No Nonsense TV. It lasted for three years till 2005 but now the star of the No Nonsense TV, Peter Kay is back in three new commercials.

The first is called ‘Diner’. Once again two couples are having a pleasant evening out when a conversation about dream dates starts. And as usual John Smith’s No Nonsense man says too much.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\London, UK
Director: Danny Kleinman
Prod Comp: Rattling Stick
Creative Director: Al Young
Creative Teams: Gabriel Miller & Marcello Marcinkowski, Craig Ainsley &Fernando Perottoni
Producer: Jason Ayers
Planner: David Fryman
Acc Hand: Simon Alexander

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