Jim Beam Guys never change commercial: girls

Jim Beam Guys never change commercial: girls

This is the new commercial of the world’s best selling bourbon whiskey Jim Beam advertising campaign ‘guys never change’. As previous commercials, this one also delivers a message that the Jim Beam bourbon is a drink for real men by showing the habit (in some cases, a hobby) to stop whatever they are doing for a moment when they see an attractive woman. To check out women is one of the basic stereotypes about men. The situations showed in this commercial are quite usual so that the target audience could recognize themselves in them and, hopefully, a need for the Jim Beam bourbon would be created.

Agency: Energy BBDO, Chicago
Chief Creative Officer: Dan Fietsam
GCD/AD: Noel Haan
GCD/CW: Derek Sherman
SVP/Director of Film and Digital Production: Brigette Whisnant
Agency Producer: John Pratt

Production Company: BOB Industries, Los Angeles
Director: Zach Math
Editor: Matthew Wood @ Whitehouse Post
Post: Filmworkers Club, Chicago
Music/Audio: Earhole

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