Jemmie Dodgers Commercial: Battle

Jemmie Dodgers Commercial: Battle

Jammie Dodgers – the British biscuit brand has rolled out a hilarious campaign together with creative agency VCCP.

The video below is a funny story of a boy, who got bored while his mother was shopping. Suddenly a monkey emerges from out of nowhere, sits by the piano and sings a song. Then the other two monkeys sing as well. The boy is overwhelmed.

These monkeys – Jammie, Toffee, and Choccie – represent a fun competition. The viewers are encouraged to watch the videos and monkeys’ performances and later vote for the one they like the most.

Watch this amusing ad and tell us what you think.


Agency: VCCP
Client: Jammie Dodgers
Director: Roderick Fenske
Production Company: Hungry Man
Date May 07, 2012
Category TVC, Web Film, Website
Genre Monkeys

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