Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011: The Things We Make, Make Us

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011: The Things We Make, Make Us

A brilliant advertising campaign created by Wieden & Kennedy for Chrysler’s 2011 model. It epitomizes what is going on in the U.S. economy today. You don’t have to be an American to love this campaign. You don’t even have to like the car. But the message is one that should ring particularly true at this time in history. America has become a place that consumes more than it produces. People have lost sight of what it means to make great things, not only cherish the things they acquire.

“The things that make us Americans are the things we make. This has always been a nation of builders. Of craftsman. Men and women for whom straight stitches and clean welds were matters of personal pride. They made the skyscrapers and the cotton gins. The colt revolvers and the jeep 4X4’s. These things make us who we are.

As a people we do well when we make good things and not so well when we don’t. The good news is this can be put right. We just have to do it. And so we did. This, our newest son, was imagined, drawn, carved, stamped, hewn and forged here in America. It is well made and it is designed to work. This was once a country where people made things. Beautiful things. And so it is again.”

Released: June, 2010
Client: Crysler
Brand: Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011
Advertising agency: Wieden & Kennedy

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