JBL Commercial: Hear the Truth

JBL Commercial: Hear the Truth

JBL and advertising agency Doner have made this cute musical commercial entitled “Hear the Truth”.

The video features Sir Paul McCartney. The brand celebrates 40 years long association with the ex-Beatle. The music in the video is McCartney’s “My Valentine”. The commercial promotes JBL speakers that recreates the truth sound of the music. Even the black and white turns into shiny colors. Beautiful and stylish ad.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Client: JBL
Agency: Doner, U.S.A.
Director: Martin Campbell
D.o.P: Roger Pratt
Production Designer: Andrew McAlpine

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  1. Jamo Lorswal at 12:21 AM

    Nice MI6 agent. Also the commercial shows the Steve Jobs clone, interestingly in a younger state. The elite are getting really good at cloning us aren’t they?
    Wake up now!

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