Jagermeister Commercial: A Seat at the Table

Jagermeister Commercial: A Seat at the Table

Remember the Jägermeister’s campaign “A Seat at the Table” which we have published earlier? Well this is kind of a summary of it all.

The video features the seven men: Rob Smets, Kerry King, Mister Cartoon, Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Lingerfelt, Freddie Roach and Nathan Fletcher. The Jägermeister has published the short documentaries about them earlier. Now they meet at the one place where they have their seat at the table.

Jägermeister’s idea is to gather people that have made their success by a hard work and take it not for granted. Just like a liquor, they are strong and indomitable.

Watch this video and tell us what you think about it.


Advertising agency: Mistress, Venice, USA
Creative Director / Strategy: Mistress
Producer: Kaylynn Dutcher
Director: Albert Hughes
Production Company: Prettybird
Editorial: Rock, Paper, Scissors
VFX: A52
Sound: Lime
Music: Stimmung

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  1. Chris Chupina at 9:51 PM

    I love this advertisement best one I’ve seen yet…how do I join?

  2. John at 7:12 AM

    The commercial says that these men can all form bonds stronger and harder than the rest. They are all near perfect examples what it means to be a true tough guy. The truth is, a lot of tough guys hold back so many of the emotions that by definition help to grow strong bonds. Think of how much weaker your bond would be with your wife or kids one of you was constantly holding back what he/she was feeling.

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