Jack Daniel’s Commercial: Old No. 7 (Campaign: Label History)

Jack Daniel’s Commercial: Old No. 7 (Campaign: Label History)

New Jack Daniel’s commercial “Old No. 7” from “Label History” advertising campaign creted by ad agency Arnold and produced by Brand New School.

“Label History” is a campaign that will include 3 animated spots -“Old No. 7″,”Tennessee” and “Proud”- but only 1 has been released so far. The idea of the campaign is to bring a bit of history, rumors and values of the brand, inviting consumers to embark on this journey together. The signature is really inviting: ” What the label does not tell you, one sip will”.

You can watch first spot “Old No. 7” below. In this spot we can hear many stories, that have been passed down about the significance of Old No. 7.

Some say that Jack Daniel had 7 girlfriends, or that the way he wrote his “J” looked like a 7. Some say he chose the number 7 simply because it’s lucky. Only Mr. Jack knows the real reason. Either way, we consider ourselves lucky that he created Jack Daniel’s the way he did.


Advertising Agency: Arnold
City/State: Boston, Mass.
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Creative Directors: Wade Devers, Wade Paschall
Associate Creative Directors: Lee Walters, Chad Leitz
Executive Producer: Billy Near
Assistant Producer: Reaghan Puleo
Account Director: Chris Ferko
Business Manager: Maria Rougvie

Production: Brand New School
City/State: Bicoastal, USA
Director: Jonathan Notaro
Art Directors: Mario Stipinovich, Eric Conception
Designers: Ricardo Villavicencio, Stephen Kelleher, Emmett Dzieza
CG Lead: Vadim Turchin
3D Animation: Eric Concepcion, Han Ho, Mike Garcia, Walter Lubinski, Kim Kehoe, Andre Salyer, Carmine Laietta, Adam Rosenzweig, Dave LoGiudice, John Kalagian
2D Animation: Stieg Retlin
Storyboard Artist: Will Rosado
Compositor: Eric Concepcion, Dave LoGiudice, Michal Finegold
Executive Producer: Danny Rosenbloom
Head of Production: Devin Brook
Producer: Toby Sowers, Mike Sullo
Production Coordinator: Ilona Klaver

Original Music: The Lodge
City/State: New York, NY
Creative Directors: Eric Hillebrecht & Colin Thibadeau
Composer “Old No. 7”: Alex Weinstein
Executive Producer: Sallie Moore
Producer: Heather Weisberg

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