J2O Commercial: Cats and Dogs

J2O Commercial: Cats and Dogs

J2O and London’s BBH launched a new funny commercial for a soft drink.

The advertisement features dogs coming to the cats’ party. When the bunch of dogs enter the evening, the silent moment stands for a while. But since one of them has J2O cats are quite happy to have them around. Later though a mouse shows up at the party.

„We first cast out office dogs Alfie and Larry to test difference compositing techniques that would combine human bodies with animal heads“, said Absolute Producer Dan Bennett. „Then we were very involved in the editing process, helping to select the dog and cat performances that best suited the movements of humans“.

Watch the commercial and tell your opinion about it.


Title “Cats & Dogs”
Agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Advertiser Britvic Soft Drinks Limited
Editing Company Cut & Run
Post Production Absolute
Director of Photography Mr. Richard Stewart
Production Company Producer Steve Plesiak
Director The Daniels
Production Company Prettybird
Strategic Planner Mr. John Harrison
Strategic Planning Director Mr. John Harrison
Agency Producer Mr. Glenn Paton
Executive Creative Director Mr. Nick McGill
Creative Director Hamish Pinnell
Creative Director Mr. Justin Moore
Creative Team Hamish Pinnnell
Creative Team Mr. Justin Moore

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