J.C. Penny Commercial: Return To The Doghouse

J.C. Penny Commercial: Return To The Doghouse

It’s not a surprise that men often get punished in some way by their women if they do something wrong. For example, give a useless gift. The J.C. Penny’s new commercial shows a series of situations where men with some misdoings are sent to the doghouse to be reviewed by the board of women. Usually, they don’t regret or understand why they are being reviewed so the punishment doesn’t end. But this one guy founds a way to get released. He shows a piece of jewelry from J.C. Penny to the board as a present to his wife so he gets released. The message is really appealing to those men who have stress when finding and buying the right present.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New York
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Stephen Pearson
EP: Kevin Byrne
Executive Creative Director: Gerry Graf
Creative Director: Josh Rubin, James Cooper
Art Director: Jason Musante
Agency Producer: John Doris & John Swartz
Country: United States of America
DP: John Lindley
Editor: Ian MacKenzie

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  1. matthew at 2:14 AM

    im in the basic training for men and they used one of these clips and i thought it was funny i didnt know there was a part too so so so so funny

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