IQ Commercial: How Do You Drink?

IQ Commercial: How Do You Drink?

IQ company, responsible for the alcohol-awareness, and Forsman & Bodenfors launched a new campaign entitled „Ho do you drink?“.

The videos below feature drunk people and how the world looks from their point of view. The view is blurred and the situation feels helpless. The man in the street is asking for help, but the passer-by is afraid of him. Being drunk in a buss feels scary. And even your dog would not get a friendly stroke. Really strong videos. They hit you with a glimpse of an unglamorized reality.

The two companies have worked together successfully a few years before. Now they collaborated to do another moving campaign.

Watch the videos and tell us which one of them you think is the best.


Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Client: I Q
Creative: Ted Mellström
Creative: Jacob Nelson
Agency Producer: Magnus Kennhed
Prod. Co.: Social Club
Director: Giulio Musi
Producer: Magnus Theorin
Production Manager: Mia Tidlund

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