Ikea Commercial: The Duck

Ikea Commercial: The Duck

Ikea and advertising agency Auge Headquarter from Milan have released this incredibly adorable commercial.

The video features a man, who one rainy night spots a duck on his terrace. He tries and manages to chase the bird off. However, in the morning he finds the unwelcome guest in a carton box on the terrace. The guy finally accepts the duck to live here, which starts an incredible make-over inspired by this unusual friendship.

Watch this beautiful video and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: Auge Headquarter, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Federica Ariagno, Giorgio Natale
Creative Director: Williams Tattoli
Art Director: Federico Grassi
Copywriters: Niccolò Bossi, Anita Rocca
Senior Producer: Silvia Cattaneo
Production Company: Mercurio Production
Director: Erik Van Wyk
Executive Producer: Luca Fanfani
Producer: Annalisa De Maria

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