Ikea Commercial: Growing Up

Ikea Commercial: Growing Up

Ikea and advertising agency Auge Headquarter from Milan have released this funny video spot recently.

The adorable video features a little boy, who has a dream to grow up taller. And as soon as possible, since there is this red box, he wants to reach in a closet. He tries everything: eats more, gets his older brother’s haircut and finally he reaches the box the next morning! However, his grandfather has secretly helped by adjusting the comfortable Ikea furniture. The voice says: little is needed to grow up together.

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: Auge Headquarter, Milan, Italy
Posted on the website: http://www.spazioallavita.it
Executive Creative DIrectors: Federica Ariagno, Giorgio Natale
Creative Director: Williams Tattoli
Art Director: Federico Grassi
Copywriter: Niccolò Bossi, Anita Rocca
Senior Producer: Silvia Cattaneo.
Director: Erik Van Wyk
Production Company: Mercurio Production
Executive producer: Luca Fanfani
Producer: Annalisa De MAria
Music: ‘When I grow up” by Eleisha Eagle

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