IFAW Commercial: Jumbo Elephant Landing

In the International Fund for Animal Welfare public service announcement, an elephant comes in for a landing in the style of a jumbo jet…making the point that travelers should think twice before purchasing souvenirs made from animal products.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare works to improve the welfare of wild and domestic animals throughout the world by reducing commercial exploitation of animals, protecting wildlife habitats, and assisting animals in distress. IFAW is working every day around the world to rescue animals in harm’s way and to provide shelter and care for orphaned, injured, or mistreated animals, including stranded sea mammals and birds affected by oil spills.


Advertising Agency: Springer & Jacoby, Germany
Client: The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
Creative Director: Eskil Puhl
Copywriters: Björn Jeske, Florian Voigt
Director: Ismail Acar
Cinematography: Ismail Acar
Agency Producer: Mirco Seyfert
Producer: Rainer Spix, Benjamin Horstkotte
Account Manager: Katharina Renne, Steffen Behrends
Designer: Olivier Weber, Stefan Huschenbeth
Sound Designer: Thomas Nietzsche, Georg Hahn

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