IBM Video: Ei!

IBM Video: Ei!

IBM and advertising agency Ogilvy from Brazil have released this funny video ad recently.

The spot features people, who have an ear of a Brazilian soccer team’s coach. They talk straight into it, hoping that their insights about soccer will help their favorite team to win. However, IBM has a better solution: the brand analyze fans’ Tweets and come up with a conclusion of their insights. From now on, millions of Brazilians will serve as the coach assistants!

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: Ogilvy, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcos Ribeiro
Art Directors: Diego Machado, Renato Zandoná, Renato Rozemberg
Copywriters: Hugo Veiga, Daniella Benetti
Accounts: Chad Cathers, Veronique Vasques, Carla Parretti, Bruno Perez, Vitor Borragine, Maria Fernanda Laudisio, Ive Godoy, Stela Mazoli
Planners: Denise Koche, Mariana Perondi, Barbara Bueno
Media: Gracieli Beraldi, Gabriela Nose, Tiago Sato, Pedro Rotta, Cassio Yanata, Reynaldo Ferreira, Adriana, Basile, Mariana Mello
Producers: Fabiano Beraldo, Cecília Taioli, Mariana Dodi
Production Company: Paranoid BR Films
Film Director: Heitor Dhalia
Sound Design: A9 Audio

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