iBabel Commercial: Tongue

iBabel Commercial: Tongue

iBabel presents its free language translator and launches a very funny ad entitled “Tongue”.

The spot takes place at the cafe during the blind date. A lady comes a little bit late. After the man greets her in English, she explains in Russian that she is late due to a traffic. The man does not speak Russian. So he takes a box full of tongues, picks one, takes out his tongue and replaces it with another. Then he suggests in Russian: “Let’s have a pizza and then we can have sex”. She slaps him on a face. Just after she is gone, the beautiful Japanese lady sits by his table…

Watch the funny ad and tell us what you think of it.


Client: iBabel
Creatives: Sandro Rosa, Eduardo Martins, David Romanetto
Producer: 7 Filmes

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