Humane Society Video: A Pig’s Tail

Humane Society Video: A Pig’s Tail

Humane Society has collaborated with award winning production company Aardman Animations and released this cute video.

The five minute film raises our awareness about animal farming. People who are not indifferent are concerned about animal’s better being. The video was released on National Food Day and is aimed for children. Slow animation movie tells the story about a smart piglet Ginger, that escapes the awful farm for a better life outside.

Watch the video and spread the word.


Client: Humane Society
Production Company: Aardman Animations
Director: Sarah Cox
Producer: Jason Bartholomew
Backgrounds: George Sander-Jackson
Stop Motion Animation: Inez Woldman
Stop Motion Animation: Martin Davies
Stop Motion Animation: Danny Capozzi
Compositing: Jonathan Biggins
Compositing: Spencer Cross
Assistant Compositor: Dominic Pitt
Assistant Compositor: Josie Young
Production Manager: Mark Simon Hewis
Production Manager: Kaia Rose
Production Manager: Maggie O’Connor
Editor: Victoria Stevens
Sound Design: Jonny Crew
Music: Burlap to Cashmere

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