Huggies Commercial: I Poo In Blue

Huggies Commercial: I Poo In Blue

Who says that diapers can’t look cool? Huggies has launched a new commercial called ‘I Poo In Blue’ which presents their new product – limited edition jean diapers. Watch the commercial below to see that a baby in jeans diapers can be the coolest guy in town

Agency: JWT, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Ty Montague
Chief Creative Officer: Harvey Marco
Executive Creative Director: Walt Connelly
Creative Director: Richie Glickman
Art Director: Grant Mason
Copywriter: Richie Glickman
Copywriter: Kevin Mulroy
Planning Director: Lauren Turner
Planner: Libby Schaub
Director of Integrated Production: Clair Grupp
JWT Director of Production: Matthew Anderson
Producer: Kristen Barnard
Director of Operations: Jean Dabrowski
Project Manager: Lani De Rose

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  1. Nancy McIntyre at 10:01 PM

    What a disgusting, irritating commercial!Among the people I know, it is the consensus of opinion. Maybe it’s aimed at the basest level of intelligence! Hopefully, someone with a clue will step in and get it off all media before long.

  2. Jimmy at 4:27 AM

    The voice over sounds like Robert Smigel (aka Triumph the Insult Comic Dog)… can anyone confirm this?

  3. Ashley at 2:03 AM

    I think its sad. the product in itself could of been marketed differently the commercial is ridiculous I know i wouldnt want women or man leering at my child because of their diaper. And it is exactly that a diaper something that goes under a pair of jeans,onesies, or any type of “clothes” smh the commercial is outrageous thats all I have to say

  4. Faye at 7:23 PM

    “I Poo in Blue” Huggies Commercial, this commercial is terrible, the concept of a rich baby is cute, but the rest was done in poor taste, this commercial would have been 10 times better if they would have used all baby girls and baby boys instead of adult women and men. I would have had a limousine pull up in front of a
    nice restaurant with a courtyard dining area, show the baby getting out of the limo with flowers, walking through the courtyard as other baby girls and boys were looking at him, and having the baby sit down at a table where a cute baby girl was waiting for him. And, my title would have been “Too Cute in Blue”.

  5. Are you really that stupid?? at 10:12 AM

    Nancy McIntyre are you serious???

  6. patricia at 1:55 AM

    I think this commercial is a hoot!!! One of the best I have seen in a long time. People need to lighten up and enjoy life and see the humor!

  7. patricia at 1:58 AM

    If I could figure out how to upload it I would put it on my facebook page. At least my friends and family have a sense of humor even if some people make think its sick! lol life is good smell the roses

  8. Candice Ison at 11:21 PM

    Poor taste. These are supposed to be products made for children. Why is Kimberly Clark marketing them with an adult theme? Unbelievable. I am no longer purchasing any products made by Kimberly Clark, hope others will do the same.

  9. Catherine Oliver at 9:57 PM

    I am disgusted by this commercial.The looks from the female and the males adults appears that they are finding this child attractive!! Shame on you huggies…Get it off the air now!!!

  10. forrealnow at 3:09 PM

    Are we really serious here? This is offensive? I guess I just don’t have as sick of a mind as some of you, I never would have looked at it like the adults were “attracted” to the child! C’mon now! Lighten up and stop looking for perversions where there clearly aren’t any. The baby was meant to be “cool” not a sex object. I am truly offended by that suggestion, NOT the commercial itself.

  11. joyandjos at 10:20 PM

    Look at that little boy’s face and walk…so darling!!!! None of the preverse stuff crossed our minds…best commercial in a long time.

  12. sher at 11:04 PM

    It is in such bad taste that I am at a loss for words.

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