Hubwin-Mamans Commercial: Missing

Hubwin-Mamans Commercial: Missing

Hubwin-Mamans and advertising agency La Chose Paris have launched this amazing mystery film.

The video features couple of women, who are searching for the missing girl. They search all the town, ask people and do not give up. In the end they succeed. However, it is not what you would expect.

The ad promotes Hubwin-Mamans, a French social network and community resource for mothers.

Watch this nice video and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: La Chose Paris
Client: Hubwin-Mamans
Creative Director: Pascal Gregoire
Copywriter: Victor Sidoroff
Art Director: Guillaume Ganty
TV Producer: Nicolas Buisset
Production Company: Magali Films
Director: Luis Gerard
Realisateur: Luis Gerard
Director of Photography: Jaime Costas
Composer: Michel Korb

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