Hovis Commercial: Farmer’s Lad

Hovis Commercial: Farmer’s Lad

Hovis and London’s creatives from Dare have launched a 90 second TV commercial during the Britain’s Got Talent final to advertise its Farmers Loaf.

The video features father and son. A little boy is helping his father around the farm. Sometimes he is not doing very well but his dad is still proud of him. A very sincere and moving video. The £3.5 million worth TV campaign is a tribute to British farmers. It was shot in the North West of England.

Mike Clarke, chief executive officer at Premier Foods, explained: “Britishness is part of our DNA. So when we get a chance to thank our farmers for helping us to help us produce a great new British product like our Hovis Farmers Loaf, of course, we want to shout about it during one of Britain’s most popular shows, celebrating what’s great about Britain!”

Watch this nice video and tell us if you like it.


Agency: Dare
Client: Hovis
Director: Seb Edwards

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