Hornbach Commercial: Symphony

Hornbach Commercial: Symphony

Home Improvement Superstore Hornbach brings you the musical Do It Yourself short called “Symphony”.
The video is part of a larger campaign by Heimat, Berlin and is directed by multi-award winning Czech director Martin Krejci of STINK, Berlin.

The latest ad, “Symphony”, investigates the way different DIY’ers experience sounds. In the video DIY’ers are being juxtaposed with musicians playing various instruments. For instance, a man using a jackhammer is set against a drum soloist, the motions of a paint roller could sound like a trombone, and the movements of a man using a hand saw are mixed with the cello player. Ad ends with the slogan, “No one can hear it like you”.

“With the new campaign, Hornbach continues to do its own thing. Achieving big things with your bare hands. An indispensable part of this is the deeply felt understanding for what goes on inside the minds of DIY’ers,” explains Heimat Creative Chief Guido Heffels.

Watch this beautifully shot video and share your opinion with us.


Agency: HEIMAT Berlin
Client: Hornbach
Creative Director: Guido Heffels
Director: Martin Krejci
Prod. Co.: STINK Berlin
Exec. Producer: Jan Dressler
DOP: Stepan Kucera
Editor: Filip Malasek
Telecine: Seamus Kane – The Mill
Online: Stephane Allender
Online: Tom Sparks
Music and Sound: Thomas Berlin

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