Hornbach Commercial: Faces

Hornbach Commercial: Faces

Home improvement store chain in Germany Hornbach has launched a new TV commercial called ‘Faces’. The idea is simple – to show face expressions men make when they work with various tools or other stuff that can be bought in Hornbach stores. But the visual execution of this idea is great. The faces are shown in slow motion which makes it both interesting and fun to watch. And it kind of makes you want to take a hammer and smash the wall.

Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin
Production: STINK, Berlin
Executive Producer: Jan Dressler
Line Producer: Eva Pèrez
Director: Martin Krejci
DOP: Stepan Kucera
Editor: Guido Notari @ Damaso Queirazza, Mailand
Post Produciton: Tom Sparks, nhb studios, Berlin
Music & Sound-Design: Viktor Ekrtь @ SOUNDSQUARE, Prague

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  1. Callum Harris at 3:52 AM

    we do a lot of stuffs for home improvement since our house is getting old already.:””

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