Hipassenger Commercial: Hip Passengers

Hipassenger Commercial: Hip Passengers

Hipassenger presents a new fun app and a video, which introduces to this exciting innovation.

The spot features figurines, that represent the solo travelers. They love moving around, but sharing experiences with somebody is always much more fun than traveling alone. Therefore they use Hipassenger, which connects people and enables them to meet at whatever place of the world they are at the moment. See their adventures in this nice video.

Watch the commercial and tell us what do you think about it.


Creative Directors / Directors / DOP: Oleksii Sobolev, Misha Koroteev
Art Director: Anton Kolisnyk
Executive Producer: Anna Soboleva
Producer: Daria Rosyuk
Head of Postproduction: Evgen Lekh
Graphic Designer: Evelina Yatselenko
Motion Designer: Vadim Revin
Sound Design: Histibe

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