Herringbone Commercial: Tight Rope

Herringbone Commercial: Tight Rope

Herringbone – the Australian fashion company – have launched this beautiful suspense commercial.

The advertisement features a man bringing a package. He is walking through a fancy building, through its long corridors and spiral stairs. The walking is often interrupted with the images of an elegantly dressed man. At the end we can see the latter man walking on the rope between two buildings. The ad announces that its clothes are made to measure.

The campaign’s idea is to promote its products that are so professionally tailored and are so precise just like a walking on the tight rope.

Watch the video and tell your opinion about it.


Client Herringbone
Creative director Carina Hicks
Director Dael Oates
Company Prodigy Films
Producer Marge McInnes
Director of photography Peter Eastgate
Editor Adam Wills
Grading and visual effects Fin Design
Original music Silencio

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