Hermes Commercial: Petit H

Hermes Commercial: Petit H

Get lost in this amazing and exquisite collage from Partizan Darkroom for Hermès “Petit h”.

Nice little video for luxury brand Hermès. It presents its new branch brand – “Petit H” (“Little H”). A creative work, stylish and fresh. Just in time to supplement spring with its colors and sounds.

A simple and stylish short ad, also features the animation work of Partizan’s Victor Haegelin. You will definitely be tempted to rewind and watch it couple of times.

Watch this video and share your opinion.


Agency Partizan/Darkroom
Directed by Mary Clerté & Edouard Bertrand
Produced by Partizan
Producer: Olivier Bassuet
Director of Photography: Marco Graziaplena
Animator: Victor Haegelin
Edit: Edouard Mailaender
Colour Grading: Moshé Dichi
VFX: Royal Post
Music: Wolfpack Beartrack
Thanks: Arthur Cantin, Eulalie Gaymard, Luna Picoli-Truffaut, Alex Silberstein

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