Herb Chambers Commercial: Bad Dog

Herb Chambers Commercial: Bad Dog

Herb Chambers and advertising agency DeVito/Verde have released a new funny campaign.

The car dealer promotes its indispensable service. The spot demonstrates that by showing a man trying to persuade his dog to get into the car. However, the poor dog refuses to get in and sits still instead. As finally the master makes his pet jump into the car, he fails to foresee the unfortunate twist. The dog does not like the car and that’s that!

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: DeVito/Verde, New York, USA
Executive creative director: Sal DeVito
Copywriter: Rich Ostroff
Art director: Mike Vitiello
Senior producer: Karen Tomlin
Account supervisor: Andy Brief
Production: Accomplice Media
Director: Jeff Gorman
Executive producers: Mel Gragido, Jeff Snyder
Producer: Kourtney Gleason

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