Heinz campaign: Talk to the Plant

Heinz campaign: Talk to the Plant

The objective with talktotheplant.com – The Interactive Ketchup Growing Experiment was to explore if tomato plants grows better with human interaction. And to prove that no one grows ketchup like Heinz. Experiment time was set to six weeks. Evaluation after those six weeks resulted in a prolonged experiment. The total time for the experiment was eight weeks.

Interacting with a tomato plant will result in better growth. The internet was ment to help Heinz to prove it.

Test of hypothesis
The sound-only interaction from participating humans (18.774 messages sent in total) resulted in 153 cm growth.The control plant grew 146 cm. A difference in 7 cm. Does it prove the effect? Hard to say. The height lead was not constant during the experiment and even at more message intense days, the test plant did not take a clear lead over the control plant.

Started: November 2008
Client: Heinz
Agency: Daddy

Creative Director: Björn Höglund
Copywriter: Anders Gustafsson
Art Director: Jonas Hedeback
Designer: Anders Johansson
Technical Director: Per Rundgren
Senior Developer: Stefan Hållén
Motion Designer: Erik Sterner
Flash Animator: Malin Ekman
Technical Advisor: Mikael Emptiger
Production Company: Bombay Works

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