Happydent Commercial: Light Painting

Happydent Commercial: Light Painting

Happydent Chewing Gum and advertising agency BBH Asia-Pacific have released this hilarious video ad the other month.

The video takes place at the crazy White Teeth Talent Show. See how Happydent improves the teeth hygiene – a guy becomes a star with his sparkling smile, after he paints a light painting with his shiny pearls!

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: BBH Asia-Pacific, Singapore
Regional Executive Creative Director: Steve Elrick
Executive Creative Director: Scott Mcclelland
Creative Team: Paul Downs, Dave Thackary, Astri Nurasalim
Engagement Planner Director: James Sowden
Engagement Planners: Lindsey Cummings, Rachel Filer
Strategic Planner: Alexis deMontaigu
Broadcast Producers: Karen Leong, Kim Lim
Production house & Post Production: Free Flow Productions
Assistant Producer: Samantha Dalton
Business Director: David Webster
Associate Account Director: Joanna Yeo
Account Executive: Bernice Ooi

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