Handmade Portraits: 99 Feelings

Handmade Portraits: 99 Feelings

Director Bao Nguyen made this inspiring short movie for Etsy about artist Mitsy Sleurs and her project which has just been finished.

Everything started when Mitsy went through a hard period in her life. She decided to find a way to release her emotions. She started making Russian doll – Matryoshka – which originally is wooden. But ceramicist made it of clay. And the project developed into 99 beautiful figures expressing different emotions.

According to Mitsy 99 is fine because “I like the fact that the number is uneven and that it leaves at least one unfinished feeling to make 100. For me, this represents all of the emotions I haven’t covered. They could be anything.” But there is a secret one somewhere. The video reveals where.

Watch this amazing video and tell us if you liked it.


Client: Etsy
Directed: Bao Nguyen
Shot and edited: Bao Nguyen
Music: Jim Smith
Audio mix: Garry Rindfuss

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