Gun Oil Video: Happy Valentine’s Day

Gun Oil Video: Happy Valentine’s Day

Gun Oil and director Bertrand Pare have released this hilarious video for the Valentine’s Day.

The spot features a man, who is longing for his loved one. He wanders around the house, which obviously used to be a home for two. But now he is lonely. However, the one and the only comes back home just in time for the Valentine’s Day. Apparently, it is a husband! The brand promotes a lubricant and is simply genius! Why? Well, we think these guys make a point about Gun Oil being super slick better.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Producer: Mark Olson, Marketing for Empowered Products
Director: Bertrand Pare, Shoot to Kill Media
Actors: Zachary Chyz, Dominic Pacifico

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  1. Tadah at 9:27 PM

    A little insensitive being that AdWeek called it heartwarming and touching. Is it just funny because it’s gay?

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