Guinness Halloween Shadows

Guinness Halloween Shadows

In the peak of this financial crisis even big companies are searching for the cheapest and most effective ways of advertising. Guinness found a great way to boost their sales in Romania during this Halloween. They used beer coasters as their ads. The idea is quite simple. The coasters were made to look like shadows of the beer glass. A coaster was offered with every beer glass. The result was that people bought more Guinness beer and also took the coasters back home. So low budget one-night ad campaign became a long lasting one.

Guinness Halloween coasters

Advertising Agency: Tempo Advertising, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Directors: Adrian Preda; Bogdan Costin
Art Director: Dan Costea
Copywriter: Alina Rosioreanu
Additional credits: Mr. C & Diana Stancu
Published: October 2009

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