Guang Yin Yoga Club Guerilla Action: A Man Inside A Box

Guang Yin Yoga Club Guerilla Action: A Man Inside A Box

This marketing action is a proof that it’s not necessary to have boosting budgets to create an effective advertising campaign.

“Guang Yin Yoga” is a small yoga club in Shanghai, China. Chinese people still have quite low awareness of yoga, and for four years, the club hasn’t been successful. To save the business they needed to attract about 300 new club members. But how to do this with almost no money in a pocket?

Well, guys decided to think out of the box and to create some action in a box 😉 They decided to put the yoga master of the club in a small wooden box, branded with Guang Yin insignia, and put that box in in centre of Shanghai’s busiest area, the Central Business Centre. Every time someone passed by, the master stretched out his arm and gave Guang Yin Yoga business card. The result was a series of scares and a much greater success than expected.

The campaign lasted 15 days, over 35 000 key consumers were targeted, 300,000 hits on web videos and more than US $138 000 of free media coverage. Over 2000 people visited the club within a month and 622 of them became new members. And the cost of the success? Only $74.

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