Google Nexus 7 Commercial: Curious

Google Nexus 7 Commercial: Curious

Google Nexus 7 has collaborated with advertising agency Mullen from San Francisco and launched another amusing video from its latest campaign.

This time video features mom and her little daughter (the first featured father and son) who are using Google Nexus 7 creatively in their everyday life. They read a book, recipes, draw, find answers, communicate with grandmother.

Due to a high demand of the tablet, Google has even stopped taking orders for a 16GB Nexus.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Advertising Agency: Mullen, San Francisco + Google, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker
Group Creative Director: Paul Foulkes
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Jeff DaSilva
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Jon Ruby
Copywriter: Jamie Rome
Art Director: Ryan Montgomery
Executive Director of Integrated Production: Liza Near
Executive Producer: Zeke Bowman
Associate Producer: Vera Skuratovsky
Content Creator: Emile Doucette
Strategy: Tara Inskip, Kay Pancheri, Laila Hannallah, Hannah Hewitt
Production Company: Anonymous
Director: Frederic Planchon

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  1. Andrea at 10:55 PM

    Love the whimsical music in this commercial. Who are the artists?

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