Google Commercial: Google Play Test #1124: Liquid

Google Commercial: Google Play Test #1124: Liquid

Google Studio G has launched this hilarious commercial entitled “Google Play Test #1124: Liquid”.

The video features a laboratory assistant who demonstrates us how would Google Play work in a natural science way. The tubes are filled with a strange looking yellowish liquid which is being presented as music. The way the assistant manipulates it represents the way it works between your computer and phone. Just like the natural laws!

Watch this funny ad and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: Google Studio G
Client: Google
Production Company: Google Studio G
Production Company: Goon Media
Agency Producer: Heather Hurford
Agency Producer: Yovel Schwartz
Producer: Nina Dluhy-Miller
Producer: Yovel Schwartz
Writer/Director: Jonathan Zames
Production Design: Sarah Lawlor
Production Design: Syyn Labs
Practical Effects: Syyn Labs
Director of Photography: Jesse Eisenhardt
Editor: Ben Leavitt
Visual Effects: Corey Ryan
Visual Effects: HOPR
Colorist: Bob Curerri
Sound Design: Norman Magnuson
Sound Design: Noisy Neighbors

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