Google Commercial: Balloons

Google Commercial: Balloons

Google and Google Studio G have launched another video from the Google Play campaign. This time it is Test #0923 entitled “Balloons”.

The well known scientist from other videos have changed the space this time. He exchanged the lab into the pool and got into water himself. All the effort for the science sake, of course. He demonstrates how Google Syncs the files, instead of how it used to sink them.

Watch the funny ad and probably stay tuned for more from Google.


Agency: Google Studio G
Agency Producer: Heather Hurford
Client: Google
Agency Producer: Yovel Schwartz
Producer: Nina Dluhy-Miller
Producer: Yovel Schwartz
Writer/Director: Jonathan Zames
Production Design: Sarah Lawlor
Production Design: Syyn Labs
Practical Effects: Syyn Labs
Director of Photography: Jesse Eisenhardt
Editor: Lauren Giordano

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