Google Chrome Commercial: Speed Tests

Google Chrome Commercial: Speed Tests

In the end of 2009 Google launched ad campaign to present the Chrome browser with the commercial called ‘Features’. Then not so long ago they presented another spot called ‘Extensions’ where they introduced what kind of extensions you can install in the Google Chrome. Now Google has launched one more commercial where they show us that the Google Chrome is really fast web browser. Actually, as fast as a flying potato, lightning or a sound wave. Below you can see the commercial and a video how the commercial was made.

Agency: BBH, New York
Production Company: 1st Ave Machine, New York
Director: Aaron Duffy
Chief Creative Officer: Kevin Roddy
Executive Creative Directors: Pelle & Calle Sjoenell
Executive Creative Director: Robert Wong, Google Creative Lab
Art Director: Steve Peck
Copywriter: Jared Elms
Project Manager: Jessica Bigarel, Google Creative Lab
Head of Broadcast: Lisa Setten
Agency Producer: Orlee Tatarka
Executive Producer: Sam Penfield
Line Producer: Michael Solomon
Conceptual Fabricator: Bob Partington
Editorial: Lost Planet
Editor: Charlie Johnston
Executive Producer: Krystyn Wagenberg
Assistant Editor: Chris Huth
Producer: Meagen Carroll
Telecine: Katabatic
Telecine Artist: Emery Wells
Producer: Dave Escovitz
Online: Black Hole
VFX Artist: Tim Farrell
Producer: Tim Vierling
Audio: Plush NYC
Audio Engineer: Rob Fielack
Sound Designer: Joseph Fraioli @ JafBox Sound

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