Golden Fish Awards Prints: Creatives

Golden Fish Awards Prints: Creatives

Golden Fish Print Awards and advertising agency ACW Grey from Tel Aviv have released these beautiful prints.

The images supposedly depict full potential of talented creatives. Usually their work is being restrained by the requests of the client. However, the Awards is a place where they can reveal their creativity fully.

The title says:

Creatives only use 10% of their talent
It’s time to bring out the rest
The 19th Golden Fish Print Awards

See the prints below.





Agency: ACW Grey, Tel Aviv, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Tal Riven
Creative Director: Ziv Meiri
Art Director: Itzik Cohen
Copywriter: Idan Levy
Client Team Director: Dani Brande
Account Director: Sarit Sternhell
Agency Executive Producer: Meital Tzoref
Agency Producer: Racheli Zatlawi
Studio: Shlomi Barda
Illustrators: Miriam Moshinsky, Gal Shkedi, Yotam Cohen

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