Gillette Commercial: UFSweat

Gillette Commercial: UFSweat

Gillette and advertising agency Africa from Sao Paulo have released this hilarious video ad recently.

The brand is an official sponsor of UFC. Therefore, the creatives have pulled off this amusing cartoon video about the fighters, who fight for the Gillette Deodorant. They are two smelly men, who are trying to switch from UFSweat to UFC. The winner gets the deodorant, which gets rid of the stink. Nice job!

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: Africa Agency, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Sergio Gordilho, Eco Moliterno, Alexandre Prado
Art Directors: Alexandre Prado, Bruno Couto, Alvin Shiguefuzi, Fernando Drudi
Copywriters: André Pinheiro, Eco Moliterno
Illustrator: Techno Image
Photographer: Techno Image / Meindbender
Agency Producers: Rodrigo Ferrari, Patricia Gaglioni, Anderson Rocha
Account Directors: Marcio Santoro, Cecilia Duarte
Account Managers: Manuela Ramalho, Marina Damato
Planners: Ana Paula Cortat, Marcia Neri Rosenberg, Marcos Blinder
Media Managers: Luiz Fernando Vieira, Felipe Santos, Rodrigo Medeiros, Kaline Lessio, Thiago Aimi
Production Company: Techno Image / Meindbender
Direção: Pedro Conti, Tiago Hoisel, Derek Henriques
Executive Production: Guilherme Proença, Michael Bengtsson
Production Manager: Guilherme Proença
Photographers: Pedro Conti, Tiago Hoisel
Post-production: Tiago Hoisel, Pedro Conti
Editors: Pedro Conti, Tiago Hoisel, Derek Henriques
Music & Sound Production: Sustain

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