Gillette Commercial: Clay Matthews. Conditions

Gillette Commercial: Clay Matthews. Conditions

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor and advertising agency Grey from New York have released this cool video spot the other day.

The spot features American football player Clay Matthews from Green Bay Packers. The voice behind the camera says, that the face of a man tells the most about him. It says about his strength and character. Therefore, the creatives have put Clay through the rough conditions in the video, which also features a very cool soundtrack. Check it out.

Watch the spot and tell us if you enjoyed it.


Agency: Grey New York
Client: Gillette
President/CCO: Tor Myhren
GCD: Leo Savage
GCD: Jeff Stamp
Writer: Lance Parrish
Associate Director of Broadcast Production: James McPherson
Producer: Katy Fuoco
Assistant Producer: Dante Da Parma
Assistant Producer: Megan Swan
Director: Mark Romanek
Prod. Co.: Anonymous Content
Editor: Paul Martinez
Editor: Arcade Edit
Effect/Finish: Method

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