Giffgaff Commercial: Don’t Be Scared

Giffgaff Commercial: Don’t Be Scared

Giffgaff and advertising agency Fallon from London have released this incredible commercial.

The mobile network brand has made a hysterical film: the zombies come to a small town! However, they are not there to kill people. They want to be accepted by the local community. See how they connect and what bizarre qualities of the zombies work out well for the mortals. The creatives claim that different does not mean scary. Wonderful ad.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: Fallon, London, UK
Creatives: Adam Bright, Mark Nicholson, Mat Fox
Creative Director: David Dao
Executive Creative Director: Santiago Lucero
Producer: Tracy Stokes
Group account director: Lulu Skinner
Account director: Abi Pearl
Digital producer: Carolyn James
Director: Matthias Hoene
Production company: Partizan
Production company producer: Russell Curtis
Editor: Alex Hagon Hagon
Post-production: Big Buoy
Post-producer: Barny Wright
Music Ritual Union: Little Dragon
Sound: Jack Sedgwick / Wave

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