GEOX Print Ad: Bubblegum

GEOX Print Ad: Bubblegum

GEOX have launched a funny print advertisement with the help from Belgium’s creative agency Young & Rubicam.

The amazing commercial features a man, whose foot is stuck to a giant bubblegum. So he is flying high in the sky above the roofs of the city’s buildings. The ad’s tagline says: “The shoe that breathes”.

GEOX is a well known shoe brand that is said to produce light footwear which is breathable and super comfortable.

See the amusing print below.



Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Mateusz Mroszczak
Art Director: Dominik Appels
Copywriter: Bart Dirix
Designer: Ben Heip
Retoucher: Raul Pardo
Photographer: Getty Images
Client Service Director: Francesca Baroni
Published: April 2012

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