Geico Commercial: Night Vision

Geico Commercial: Night Vision

Geico and creatives from The Martin Agency have launched this funny video commercial recently.

The auto insurance company goes wild. Literally, the ad depicts scenes from the wildlife, where a lion is lurking for two antelopes at night. Fortunately, for the latter two, they have goggles, which enables to see at night.

The ad was actually shot on a stage in Brooklyn. But the creatives managed to make it look like a real savana in Africa.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: The Martin Agency
Producer: Sam Tucker
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander
SVP/ Group Creative Director: Steve Bassett
VP/Creative Director: Wade Alger
SVP/Art Director/Creative Director: Sean Riley
Senior Copywriter: Ken Marcus
Production Company: O-Positive
Director: Jim Jenkins
Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella

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