Gap Video: Kaki King

Gap Video: Kaki King

Gap and advertising agency Ogilvy & Mathers from New York have launched this beautiful and stylish video ad.

The musical commercial features Kaki King, masterfully playing a guitar. She is using rhythm guitar technique: she strums rhythmically the guitar while playing it. The overall atmosphere is very stylish, very Gap.

Stay tuned for more videos from the latest Gap campaign.

Check out the commercial and share your opinion about it.


Agency: Ogilvy & Mathers, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officers: Steve Simpson, Calle Sjoenell
Group Creative Director: Amee Shah
Art Director: Brad Warsh
Copywriter: Mikio Bradley
Production: Patti McConnell, Christina Carter, Elizabeth Lucas
Music: Michael Freeman
Production Company:
Director: Isaac Rentz
Executive Producer: Stephen Buchanan
Editing Company: Final Cut

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