Fujitsu Video: What the Hell

Fujitsu Video: What the Hell

Fujitsu and advertising agency TANK from Montréal have released this scary video ad lately.

The spot promotes Fujitsu printers, that are heat resistant, therefore can print non stop. It really gets Satan angry! Nothing can be that heat resistant outside hell. See the whole story, which takes place in the Satan’s office, apparently.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: TANK, Montréal, Canada
Creative Directors: Alexandre Gadoua, Jean-François Houle
Art Director: Olivier Ventura
Copywriter: Jean-François DaSylva-LaRue
Director: Yan Giroux / Cinélande
DOP: Olivier Laberge
Postproduction: Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules / Boogie Studio
Sound Design: Denis-Éric Pedneault / Boogie Studio

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