Fuhu Nabi Challenges Kindle

Fuhu Nabi Challenges Kindle

Fuhu Nabi and advertising agency DraftFCB from Los Angeles present these two funny commercials.

The videos promote a tablet for kids. The spots feature Kindle and Nabi, the latter being much more hip, colorful, singing, glowing in the dark and simply more fun than its predecessor. The image of a cute bear sings a cool morning song to wake the kids up and challenges Kindle to compete with him. Adorable ads!

Watch the videos and tell us if you liked them.


Agency: Draftfcb, Los Angeles, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Eric Springer
Managing Director: Rahul Roy
Executive Creative Director: Michael Bryce
Creative Director / Copywriter: Adam Nowak
Senior Art Director: Chris Rodriguez
Executive Producer: Thomas Anderson
Management Director: Leila Cesario
Account Executive: Jennifer Levin
Senior Business Manager: Paula Rounds
Senior Talent Manager: Shera Rabinowitz

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