Friday Night Lights promional video for Direct TV

Friday Night Lights promional video for Direct TV

Friday Night Lights is a very successful TV series inspired by the film and book of the same name. Action of the series is taking place in the fictional rural town of Dillon, Texas. The main character Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) commands the football team The Panthers, who have the potential to become champions. Local residents highly value this chance of their local team so, despite the high stakes and the sweet reward, the pressure is high. Eric has a challenge: to keep players on track and their morale intact.

Those who follow the blogs and series should know that the show Friday Night Lights had survived for the third season thanks to an agreement between the DirecTV and NBC. The problem was that event thought the series is relatively inexpensive to be produced, it doesn’t have a large audience. So now DirecTV and NBC is dividing the costs.

An inspiring video that you can watch below was created to promote this 3rd season of a show.

“The idea was to create a surreal world gesturing at the increasing division between characters and general dramatic mayem about to unfold. The actors were shot before green screen and all of the environments were created in CG.” – commended the “Iron Claw”.

Production company: Little Minx, in partnership with the Iron Claw
Director: Ben Mor (RSA Films)
DP: Dariusz Wolski
Creative Director: Tracy Bugh

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  1. Chloe at 8:01 AM

    Thank you for featuring my favourite show. Just a small correction. The show is in fact comparatively inexpensive to produce. The problem has always been the ratings. It does not have that large an audience, rather a smaller but very loyal fan base. Unfortunately the masses prefer reality tv above quality shows. But it is the best show on television and every episode inspirational.

  2. Mary at 5:12 PM

    I was going to say what Chloe said. The show has a small, but very dedicated audience. From what I’ve read, it’s actually a very cost efficient show to produce.

    It’s the best show on television and everyone who refuses to watch it because they think it’s about football, or teens in highschool, is missing something really special.

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