Freska Commercials: Be Wowed

Freska Commercials: Be Wowed

Freska and advertising agency Kairo from Egypt have launched a new video campaign lately.

The creatives aim to demonstrate that Freska waffle bar is definitely worth to be wowed. In the first video the guy refuses to be wowed by an ape belly dancer. In the second one, the kidnapped man demonstrates his courage against his kidnappers. The only thing that can make them be surprised is Freska.

Check out the videos and tell us if you liked them.


Agency: Kairo, Egypt
Executive Creative Director: Hesham Ellabban
Creative Director: Montasser Khalil
Assistant Creative Director: Ahmed Abbas Osman
Art Director: Fady Youssef
Copywriter: Ahmad Elrefaey
Graphic Designers: Mostafa Tawfic, Alia Edrees, Nora Aly
Head of Planning: Hussein Faheem
Managing Director: Sameeh Selim
Account Manager: Mahmoud Dogheim
Director: Omar Hilal
DOP: Quim Miquel
Production house: Melon Films
Executive Producers: Hossam Fawzy, Ahmed Ganainy
Producer: Ghalia El Sayegh
Assistant Producer: Sara Hosni
Production Manager: Eslam Hanafy
Stylist: Dina Nadeem
Art Director: Diaa Eldin Mohamed
Post Production: Graphic Aroma
Editors: Ahmed Hafez, Salah Salem
Sound Design: Hosny Ali, Frequency

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