Freeview Video: Cat & Budgie

Freeview Video: Cat & Budgie

Freeview and advertising agency Leo Burnett from London have created this amazing video spot, which has become a viral hit.

The video features a cat, who is in love with a little bird Budgie. As soon as the master leaves home, the duo immerse themselves into a romantic song. Yes, they sing! The creatives have made an incredible work making the kitty’s face move and articulate. However, their unusual relationship was spotted by their master.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: Leo Burnett London

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  1. MISS A J BAYNTON at 7:18 PM

    How come the MALE budgie, has got a FEMALE voice??

  2. MISS A J BAYNTON at 7:20 PM

    And yes I know the male budgie can adapt to the voices around them, maybe it’s because they’ve got a female owner!?!?

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