Free Credit Report: Good 745

Released: April 2009
Avertiser: Free Credit Report
Agency: The Martin Agency
Country: USA


Agency: The Martin Agency
CD: Steve Sage
Sr AD: Pat Wittich
Copywriter: Kevin Dunleavey
Senior Producer: Dan Kaplan
Account Director: Kathryn Leake
Project Manager: Angela Wilson
Asst Broadcast Producer: Travis Smith
Art Producer: Anya Mils
Photographer: Michael Leland

Prod Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Patrick Sherman
EP: Cassie Hulen
EP/Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison
Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair

Prod Service Company: Suneeva
EP(s): Geoff Cornsin, Michi Leok-Stahl
Producer: Kelly King

Editorial: 89 Edit
Editor: Jordan Green
Assistant Editor: Bryant Wang
Producer: Juliet Conti

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