Fox Sports Video: Friends

Fox Sports Video: Friends

Fox Sports has released this adorable video recently.

The cartoon film depicts a beautiful friendship between a little boy and a dog he met while playing football. There are twists and turns in their story, but in the end they reunite. The brand celebrates sports that bring friends together.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Creative: André Takeda
Producer: Santiago Domingo
Creative Director: Alex Mendes
Art Director: Javier Cistari
Character Designer: Rocío Ognenovich
Designer: Agustín Santagada
Production Manager: Juan Manuel Almasque
Sound designer: Pablo Siciliano
Production House: Peppermelon
Account Executive: Ignacio Godoy
Executive Producer: Sebastian Vazquez
Creative Director: Maximiliano D’Angelo
Director: Mariano Russo
Art Director: Dalmiro Buigues
Animation Director: Martin Dasnoy
Animation: Peppermelon
Matte paintings: Nacho Malter, Fernando Martinez
Composition: Dalmiro Buigues, Martin Dasnoy, Ignacio Godoy, Sebastian Vazquez
Music: Animal Music

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